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Files at your fingertips

ExeScan Document Management uses an Electronic filing technology that converts paper documents into electronic form so that they can be stored on your PC or computer network, great for instant access or archiving.


This, when combined with the power of the database, email, networking, fax and storage, ensures immediate retrieval with multiple access and gives you the opportunity to send information across the room or the world with consummate ease!


Purchase ExeScan Document Management

Exescan Software and Fujitsu scanners can be purchased by calling our order hotline on 01395 224141



You will need at least 1 scanstation licence. In addition you will need a worksation licence for each additonal user that wishes to access the documents.


ExeScan Pro

  • ExeScan Pro single scanstation licence - £510
  • ExeScan Pro 1 scanstation + 1 workstation licence - 510 + 270
  • ExeScan Pro 1 scanstation + 2 workstation licence's - 510 + (2 x £270)
  • ExeScan Pro 1 scanstation + 3 workstation licence's - £510 + (3 x £270)
  • ExeScan Pro 1 scanstation + 4 workstation licence's- £510  + (4 x £270)

Please call for licence deals above 5 licenses.

In addition to the licence cost, software support is available at an addition fee which is subject to the number of licenses.


E&OE excepted.


Hot News!

ExeScan Document Management 8


We are currently working on the next major release of ExeScan Document Management. Click here to check out what we have planned for the next release of your favourite Document Management System coming up soon!



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"The staff love the system not least because it fits in well with the office procedures already in place and it's simple and very fast to use. A major kick for the staff is how quick they can access the information and answer queries when companies and customers phone in with their problems. ExeScan Document Management works for us."

Graham Sykes, Insurance Broker.


"...none of the other systems seemed to offer a complete solution to our problem until we were introduced to ExeScan Document Management".

Mike Cooke, Wensum Agency Norwich.

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